Salary Arbitration and Collusion Claims

Major league players with nearly three years of major league service and up are generally eligible for salary arbitration. It is important that a major league player is represented by competent and well prepared professionals in this specialized area of salary negotiations.

Collusion represented a dark period for Major League Baseball, a time in which the owners rigged the free agent market. The Hendricks brothers' dedication to their clients during this period can be measured by the fact that the collusions cases and claims process lasted nearly 20 years. The Hendricks brothers argued more appeals, won more cases, secured the largest individual damage award of more than $5 million, and won a higher percentage of cases than any other agency. Just as important, their clients received the largest amount of the $400+ million distributed from the collusion damages.

The Hendricks brothers hold the best lifetime winning percentage in salary arbitration and collusion cases. They have argued over 60 such cases.


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