Randal and Alan Hendricks have been sports agents since 1970. The Hendricks Brothers initially represented professional football players in the National Football League, and fought for free agency when that concept was a dream, as opposed to its reality today.

They expanded their representation to professional baseball players in Major League Baseball during the time baseball players successfully fought for free agency. In the 1980's the Hendricks brothers decided to exclusively represent professional baseball players.

Hendricks Sports Management became one of the dominant agencies in professional baseball for two decades. During that period, the Hendricks brothers negotiated numerous record setting contracts and won record setting arbitration cases. They represented approximately 10% of all major league baseball players during this period.

The Hendricks brothers received a lot of recognition for the quality of their work.

Baseball America called them "perhaps the most respected agents ever. And that includes respect from ownership, not just their clients." Investor's Business Daily said they were "the most prolific and, arguably, the best" of all baseball agents. The Los Angeles Times said "only a few people have as much influence on and control of club rosters and economics as the Hendricks brothers . . . they are widely respected by club executives for their honesty, market analysis and thorough preparation."

The Toronto Star said "they put together the biggest contract in sport's history, then argued their way to the biggest arbitration (victory) in history. That's a pretty good exacta . . . It's oversimplifying to say the agents make all the difference between winning and losing, but the Hendricks carry a reputation of being the best prepared of agents . . . and Randy Hendricks could talk the hump off a camel if he had to."

In 1999 the Hendricks brother sold Hendricks Sports Management to SFX Entertainment. While with SFX, the Hendricks brothers presided over the acquisition of two other baseball agencies. The brothers served as president, chief operating officer, chief financial officer and as two of the three board members. They supervised five offices which represented 16% of all major league baseball players.

Following the conclusion of their management contract in 2003, the Hendricks brothers re-established Hendricks Sports Management as a boutique baseball agency designed to serve a select number of clients.


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