Amateur Draft History

The Hendricks brothers have been very active in the amateur baseball draft since 1983, when they advised 4 top selections. From 1983 - 1993 they averaged advising nearly 5 first and second round draft choices each year.

From 1994 until they sold the company in 1999, they averaged over 9 first and second round picks each draft year.

From 1999-2001, while integrating the basball business for SFX, they still averaged nearly 5 such picks.

During 2002-2003, while they presided over the agency, an average of 6 such draft selections were advised.

Hendricks Sports Management is again active in the amateur draft.

HSM’s Advice to Amateurs Has Created:
  • Highest Signing Bonus

  • Highest Paid High School Pitcher

  • Highest Paid College Senior

  • Bonus Over $6 million


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